Emma Pollock

Returning to Chemikal Underground after her immediate post-Delgados sabbatical to 4AD, it was only right and proper to have Emma back in the warm embrace of the label she created.  The album she delivered us wasn’t too shabby either: The Law Of Large Numbers was dense, intelligent and supremely well written.  From the show-stopping piano duet with Kim Edgar ‘House On The Hill’ to the Moondog-inspired ‘The Loop'; the strident guitar pop of ‘I Could Be A Saint’ to the laid back, Tom Waites-esque lope of ‘Chemistry Will Find Me’, ‘The Law Of Large Numbers’ was without question, head and shoulders above all those other pretenders clogging up our airwaves on much bigger PR budgets…

Emma’s a mercurial character though, driving forward the Fruit Tree Foundation alongside Idlewild’s Rod Jones and playing a central role in The Burns Unit (who recently performed on Later…With Jools Holland), her musical projects continue to keep her occupied beyond her label duties and responsibilities at our studio Chem19.

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On ‘The Law of Large Numbers’….

Esquisite. The Law of Large Numbers never comes across cloyingly, its content ably handled and express with the same cliche’free purity The Delgados masteredBBC

“Pollock has rediscovered the former band’s grandiose esoterica and stark, scratchy dangerNME [8/10]

“a wonderfully simple, clever and loveable record initially masquerading as a complex and awkward one” Drowned in Sound

“The albums open-ended quality more accurately reflects the sense of uncertainty and aimlessness we all feel in the wake of a broken relationship” Pitchfork

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