Chemikal Underground has a track record of working with bands with no shortage of creative ideas: whether it’s Aidan’s singing bottle opener or Angil & The Hiddentracks’ album with no e’s in the lyrics or E notes in the music, there’s always been something up our artists’ sleeves that’s a little out of the ordinary.  FOUND, perhaps more than any other Chemikal band, bring a sense of invention to everything they do whether it be Cybraphon (see below), their chocolate single of ‘Anti Climb Paint‘ or even just the vision for their album ‘factorycraft’ which was released in March of this year.

Tommy Perman, Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim are a trio of artists and musicians who have been confounding people’s expectations, subverting song structures and generally bewildering the fuck out of people for the past two or three years.  We were very clear-headed however when we signed them to the label last year, knocked out by the invention, diversity and extraordinary tunes that emerged from their sessions in Chem19.

The Chemikal connection continues to flourish with FOUND and Aidan Moffat having recently joined forces to produce UNRAVEL, a major art project that sees an evolving and adaptive installation come to life through narratives from Moffat’s ten short stories and 160 new FOUND musical compositions…

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On factorycraft…

Post-modernists all the way, they pick from a grab-bag of musical, cinematic and artistic references… IntoxicatingBBC

Criminally under exposedCLASH [8/10]

Walking like robots; signing like lovers; dancing in a brave new dawn of Scottische PopThe List [4/5]

factorycraft proves that FOUND may be making experimental music, but never for experiment’s sakeThe Skinny [4/5]


Cybraphon was FOUND’s BAFTA Award winning creation from 2009: an autonomous emotional robot band, this beautiful (if somewhat touchy) take on 19th century Nickelodeons was capable of playing some extraordinary music.  The real kicker though, was that the mood of Cybraphon’s music was dictated by how popular it was online.  How the hell did it know whether it was popular online or not?  It checked online for reviews and comments about itself 24 hours a day, that’s how.

Feel free to read about, listen to and watch more Cybraphon here.  What do we think about it?  Bunch of brainy bastards, that’s what we think…

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