Festival 2018

If you happen to be in Glasgow on Friday the 3rd of August then get yourself along to George Square for the launch of ‘Mix The City’: Glasgow and Berlin – an online interactive music platform where you can create and mix your very own soundscape of these two creative powerhouses.

The live event is curated by our very own Alun Woodward and features live performances by Kathryn Joesph, RM Hubbert and Barbara Morgernstern and it is free to get in. Doors open at 7pm.

Alun shared his thoughts on some of the musicians who’ll be performing:

‘Part human, part fairy, Kathryn Joseph‘s elemental music lures you in with every creak of the piano and every broken syllable until you are unwilling to escape.

I knew Hubby for 20 years before I found out he wasn’t actually called Hubby. His bank manager knows him as RM Hubbert; former post-rock, mathematically suggestive, guitarist for El Hombre Trajeado and currently the most expressive and distinct 6 string player in the country. From his rhythmic, melodic and melancholic solo work to his intuitive and imaginative collaborations, live performances from RM Hubbert are always a bit special.

When I saw the line up from the Berlin Mix the City project I was delighted to see Barbara Morgenstern‘s name on the list and thought it would be great to invite her to play at the Glasgow event. From 1998’s analogue driven Vermona ET6-1 to 2015’s shimmering inquisitive, effortlessly executed Doplestern, every record from Barbara is a gem.’

Mix The City is delivered in partnership with the British Council and Glasgow UNESCO City of Music.

This event is only a small part of celebrations taking part in the city during The European Championships which take place between the 1st & 12th of August. If it is sport you are after then check out the full schedule here. If it is music and cultural events you are looking for then check the full schedule here. Why not take in both?

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