Adrian Crowley
  Aereogramme  Aidan John Moffat  Aloha Hawaii  Angil and the Hiddentracks  Arab Strap  Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat  Bis  Cha Cha Cohen  Conquering Animal Sound  De Rosa El Hombre Trajeado Emma Pollock  Found  Fruit Tree Foundation    Human Don't Be Angry  King's Daughters & Sons    Lord Cut-Glass  Magoo  Malcolm Middleton    Mogwai  Mother and the Addicts  Mt Wilson Repeater  Panico  The Radar Brothers  RM Hubbert  Roky Erikson  Sister Vanilla  Sluts of Trust Sound of Yell  Suckle  The Delgados  The Phantom Band  The Unwinding Hours  Various Artists  Zoey Van Goey 

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